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​Braille Printing

Our Braille printing services division offers a large and unique collection of products and services. We manufacture some of the most unique Braille products in the industry.

braille, business cards, grade 1, grade 2, custom, translation, Ottawa, Canada, North America


Braille printing

We are equipped to braille whatever your need is for your business, like brochures, Braille business cards, flyers, pamphlets, post cards, and among other things. We can translate everything from flyers to election ballots with a precise and excellent results. We can braille anything for you, so you can make an impression and be unique in your world of business.

We can braille business cards which are helpful to reach people with visual impairment. We will deliver high-quality, easy to read, and uniform business cards just for you! We will make sure to comply with the laws and regulations from the Canadian Braille Authority (CBA), offering Grade 1 braille and Grade 2 braille.


Braille Business Cards Standards

Must be 4 lines per card


13 characters per line


It will be translated to Grade 2 braille unless specified. 


braille, numbers, grade 1, grade 2, custom, translation, Ottawa, Canada, North America

We can translate your documents into braille.  Our system is a universal method for the visually impaired which consists of six dots grouped in two vertical columns with three dots each. The Canadian Braille Authority (CBA) requires Grade 2 braille but in some cases Grade 1 can be used. 

Grade 1 Braille versus Grade 2 Braille

Grade 1 is letter by letter scheme. Grade 2 is a short-hand form of braille with over 200 contracted words and word fragments. 

Braille, grade 1, grade 2, custom, alphabet, Ottawa, Canada, North America

We do braille jobs for all Ottawa, Canada and North America

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