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Frames & Lenses For Braille Signage

You want your Braille signs to have a unique way of reflecting your business but you want it to look professional. You have all the right tools but you want a frame or a lens to give it your own touch. We offer frames and lenses to all Braille signs. Let your sign go from professional to uniquely professional!

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Frames can be used for your Braille signs with room numbers, name tags, emergency signs, informative signs and more. These frames can be mounted on the wall with great easiness. You can decide between metals or plastics, colour, black and white, the size among other things. You can make your office more creative with a simple frame and keep it as professional as always.

lenses, braille signs, clear, flexible, Ottawa, Canada, North America


Lenses are clear, flexible and non-glare material that covers the your custom background. Because it is highly flexible it can fits must curved frames or flat frames. The beauty of lenses is that because they cover the background paper and the lens is easily removed, you can change your background paper as often as you it pleases you! Your clients won't have to see the same background everytime they walk into your business. Instead, they will see your creativity and uniqueness reflected in your signs.

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