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Microfilm scanning can't get any easier! We scan any microform file you have and converted into a digital file. We are one of the few companies in Ottawa with Microfiche scanning! Just come and see for yourself!



We have advanced equipment to perform fast microform scanning. Microform can be on either films or paper, containing microreproductions provided as positives or negatives, which can be converted to a PDF, tiff, or any other types of digital format. There are three common formats of microform: microfilm, aperture cards, and microfiche. 

  • Microfilm can come in 16 mm or 35 mm forms of pictures. Is a source of storing all types of data that can last for a long time. The 16 mm can store up to 2,400 images and the 35 mm can store up to 600 images. Our equipment can adjust the density of your images. 
  • Aperture cards are cards which a hole has been cut and a 35 mm microfilm chip is placed in the hole. Aperture cards are used for engineering drawings. 
  • Microfiche is 105 x 148 mm as a flat film. It contains micro images that may be in landscape or portrait.

We are one of the few companies in Ottawa that still provides microform scanning!

Aperture Cards

For our Government of Canada clients in the Ottawa / National Capital Region, we have a standing offer for scanning services, Standing Offer #E60ZM-120002/004/ZM.

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