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​Document Scanning and large format Scanning

​Document SCANNING HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER!​When document scanning is too large to fit through conventional scanners? Bring it to US and we will scan it on one of our large format scanners. The quality is excellent and the price will meet your budget!

We take care of removing bindings, selecting the appropriate document scanning mode, and scanning documents as per your specifications. Because of our ability of scanning thousands of pages each day we can offer some of the lowest prices in the scanning industry.

We can virtually do all types of document scanning, from documents, medical records, annual reports, manuscripts, books or anything printed on 8.5"x11" or 8.5"x14" paper and anything on 12"x18". Documents can be presented as single or double-sided pages, with or without charts and photographs or tables.

Once your document is scanned it can be indexed for full text searching or converted to PDF, linked to databases and saved in a wide variety of file formats. We can also perform an optical character recognition operation (OCR), this allows the user to edit the file in programs such as a Microsoft Word.


We have the unique ability of scanning continuous form of documents such as seismic printouts, continuous form computer printouts, ECGs and other continuous flow printouts.

                         With Document scanning, we can perform 



In addition to document scanning, we are completely equipped to perform large format scanning. Scanning documents up to 54 inches across by any length. 

Our document scanning equipment can scan photographic slides and negatives in a large scale. We can convert them into any type of image or PDF file, so you can have them at the reach of your hand.

Scanning can be as easy as it seems.

Background Removal Scanning

Colour Scanning

Black and White Scanning friom a colour paper

Deskew Scanning

Descreen Scanning

Despeckle Scanning

High and Low Resolution Scanning

Text Sharpening Scanning

Contact our document scanning specialists regarding any questions you may have about document scanning, or to obtain a free quote.

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