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We have a full range if lamination services, always offering the best pricing. We offer cold and hot laminations as well as liquid lamination with a glossy or matte finish. Your job will be laminated quickly and professionally. 

We laminate:

Architectural drawings

Business cards


Displays / display Materials



Or Whatever YOU need

WE can laminate any item up to 60 inches across by any length.

cold, hot, liquid, lamination, glossy, matte, Ottawa,

Cold, Hot & Liquid Lamination

cold, hot, lamination, glossy, matte, Ottawa,

Glossy & Matte 


Cold lamination versus hot lamination...

Cold lamination allow us to cover one of both sides of a page using laminate with adhesive on one side. Cold lamination is applied such that no lip of the material is left around the outer edges. It simply outs a plastic coating on the surface of the sheet.

Hot lamination is used to completely encapsulate paper. The laminate is heated and applied to the substrate creating an airtight and water tight seal. Hot lamination is available in a variety of thickness from 1-6 mil in either matte or glossy finish.

Liquid lamination...

Liquid lamination is a coating that is applied to provide UV coating protection, image enhancement, and abrasion. 

Glossy finish versus matte finish...


Glossy finish is a clear finish that brings out and emphasizes colors in the lamination process. It makes images look brighter and adds definition and radiance.

Matte finish is a non-reflective finish that has a slightly granular look. Matte finishes tend to make images colors more vivid. 

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